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Fit For A Princess
Storytelling + Tutu Making
Saturday, 15 June 2019, 9.30am – 12pm (noon)
4 to 9 years old

Higher, Further, Faster!
Storytelling + Cape Sewing
Saturday, 15 June 2019, 2pm – 5pm
7 to 12 years old

Top 3 Children’s Books about Superheroes

I have a longgg running list of books about superheroes as this is one of favourite themes, be it for parties, workshops or reading aloud. Culling it down to my top three favourite books about superheroes was hence tough! With

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Avengers DIY Craft: Higher, Further, Faster!

Make your Avengers DIY craft out of simple at-home materials and watch them flyyyy! Who else is excited about watching Captain Marvel or Avengers? ME TOO! To curb the anticipation, we’ve made our own Avengers DIY craft! There are blockbuster superhero action

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Top 3 Children’s Books about Elephants

Dumbo, the live action Disney movie is airing soon and I’m so excited about this remake that I’ve created a list of books about elephants! I remember watching this 1941 cartoon on VHS tape as a child and tearing as

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About Me

Hello, I'm Peilin!

The first story I told was to my younger brother and sister when I was 6. I built a tent out of blankets and chairs and we hid inside with a torchlight and stacks of books, pretending to be Enid Blyton adventurers in a forest.

Since then, I’ve told stories to audiences of 300+ people and cosy camps of 12 children, using songs, actions and props to ignite creativity and imagination.

PositiveLeePeilin creates workshops, parties and events for parents who want to cultivate their children’s confidence, social skills and love of learning.

If you’re like most of our parents who join us, you want a well-adapted child who loves learning, plays gently with other children and is curious and confident in trying different things.

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