DIY Olaf Marshmallow Snowman

Make Your Own Olaf Marshmallow Snowman

Do you wanna build an Olaf Marshmallow Snowman? Our first food craft! This Olaaf marshmallow snowman is a team effort from my younger sister, brother and I! My sis and I were belting out Frozen songs as we cut, melted

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Children Picture Books about Halloween

Top 3 Children’s Books about Halloween

Is Halloween one of your fave festivals too? These books about Halloween are for you! As promised in my last post with couple costume ideas, I’ve pulled together my top three books about Halloween. Halloween is one of my favourite

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DIY Halloween Couple Costumes

DIY Halloween Couple Costumes When You Don’t Have Time! Halloween is my favourite Western holiday! It’s about popular culture, fun and a ton of creativity. The perfect time to create DIY Halloween couple costumes! I like to challenge myself to not

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Positive Lee Peilin's Books about Pirates

Top 3 Children’s Books about Pirates

Love Jack Sparrow or Captain Hock? These books about pirates are for you! Yo-ho, yo-ho, the pirate life for me, especially if it includes treasure maps and books about pirates and the high sea! Pirates are the bad guys that

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Pirate Treasure Chest DIY Craft

Treasure Chest DIY Craft

Ahoy there, matey! What pirate bounty would you stash in your treasure chest? Yohoho and a bottle of rum, the pirate’s life for me! We’ve been consciously thinking of ways to reuse the many plastics from grocery shopping and thought

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Books about Singapore

Top 3 Children’s Books about Singapore

Yes, you can count on me to share some books about Singapore on the month of our country’s birthday! Happy Singapore Month, my friends who call this city island home! Every year, my family decks in red to eat local

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Positive Lee Peilin - Playground Dragon DIY Craft

Dancing Dragon Playground DIY Craft

Recreate the Nostalgic Playgrounds of Singapore! Every Singaporean worth their salt will recognise this iconic dragon playground! We’ve been seeing them in store windows, t-shirts and souvenirs, and were inspired to help you make your own dragon playground DIY craft

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PositiveLeePeilin - Books about Lions

Top 3 Children’s Books about Lions

With live-action remake of The Lion King now playing, we want to help prepare your child understand The Circle of Life with this list of books about lions! Lions are known as the kings of the jungle with their physical

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PositiveLeePeilin - Books about Bears

Top 3 Children’s Books about Bears

Bears are associated with two polar (hur hur) opposite personalities: warm & cuddly or ferocious & dangerous. Our list of books about bears would appeal more to the former. Bears are one of  the classic animals that are constantly re-illustrated every

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PositiveLeePeilin - Books about Dragons

Top 3 Children’s Books about Dragons

Dragons are one of children’s favourite topics to discuss… Are they real? Did they exist before or even live with us? These three books about dragons show that they certainly could co-exist amongst us now! After running several parties around

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Aladdin DIY Craft

Aladdin DIY Craft: A Whole New World

Make your own Aladdin DIY craft around the world wheel! I’ve been so excited to share this as my fave crafts to date. Presenting….  Aladdin DIY craft! *fireworks and poofs of blue smoke* I love Aladdin for its humour (Genie’s

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