Top 3 Children’s Books about Mothers

That special someone in every child’s life – Mum! Ahhhh, mothers! We really should be celebrating you every day for your strength, sacrifice and unconditional love. Here’s a toast to you, my dear friend and mother! Here are three very

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PositiveLeePeilin - Easter Colouring Sheet Markers

Some Bunny Somewhere: Easter Colouring Sheet

Rabbits are a symbol of new life and hope. Let’s celebrate with this Easter colouring sheet! This Easter weekend is one of the oddest, with churches, restaurants and schools closed. I’m convinced the Easter Rabbit is still out and about

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PositiveLeePeilin - Books about Pandas

Top 3 Children’s Books about Pandas

Our favourite books about pandas, the mascots for conservation and hope! Every March, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) encourages us to turn off our lights for one hour in support of nature and our planet. This month, I’m

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Top 3 Children’s Books about Whales

We had a whale of a time reading and picking out the best books about whales. Did you know that the largest brain on Earth belongs to a whale? A sperm whale’s brain can weigh 9kg, 6 times larger than

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PositiveLeePeilin - Mickey CNY DIY Craft

Mickey Mouse CNY DIY Ornament

Swinging in the Year of the Rat! We’ve been thinking extra hard about what Chinese New Year decoration to make using things around the house, especially with unused ang pows! The Eureka moment: Realising these money packets can be opened

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PositiveLeePeilin- DIY Frozen Calligraphy

Trace Your Own Frozen Calligraphy

The Perfect Christmas Gift from the Heart! I just rewatched Frozen in anticipation of the upcoming sequel and found some lines of wisdom which look great on any wall as Frozen calligraphy. Rewind a few weeks back and I was

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DIY Olaf Marshmallow Snowman

Make Your Own Olaf Marshmallow Snowman

Do you wanna build an Olaf Marshmallow Snowman? Our first food craft! This Olaf marshmallow snowman is a team effort from my younger sister, brother and I! My sis and I were belting out Frozen songs as we cut, melted

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Children Picture Books about Halloween

Top 3 Children’s Books about Halloween

Is Halloween one of your fave festivals too? These books about Halloween are for you! As promised in my last post with couple costume ideas, I’ve pulled together my top three books about Halloween. Halloween is one of my favourite

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DIY Halloween Couple Costumes

DIY Halloween Couple Costumes When You Don’t Have Time! Halloween is my favourite Western holiday! It’s about popular culture, fun and a ton of creativity. The perfect time to create DIY Halloween couple costumes! I like to challenge myself to not

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