PositiveLeePeilin - Books about Bears

Top 3 Children’s Books about Bears

Bears are associated with two polar (hur hur) opposite personalities: warm & cuddly or ferocious & dangerous. Our list of books about bears would appeal more to the former. Bears are one of  the classic animals that are constantly re-illustrated every

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PositiveLeePeilin - Books about Dragons

Top 3 Children’s Books about Dragons

Dragons are one of children’s favourite topics to discuss… Are they real? Did they exist before or even live with us? These three books about dragons show that they certainly could co-exist amongst us now! After running several parties around

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Aladdin DIY Craft

Aladdin DIY Craft: A Whole New World

Make your own Aladdin DIY craft around the world wheel! I’ve been so excited to share this as my fave crafts to date. Presenting….  Aladdin DIY craft! *fireworks and poofs of blue smoke* I love Aladdin for its humour (Genie’s

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Books about Superheroes by PositiveLeePeilin

Top 3 Children’s Books about Superheroes

I have a longgg running list of books about superheroes as this is one of favourite themes, be it for parties, workshops or reading aloud. Culling it down to my top three favourite books about superheroes was hence tough! With

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Superhero DIY Craft Avengers

Avengers DIY Craft: Higher, Further, Faster!

Make your Avengers DIY craft out of simple at-home materials and watch them flyyyy! Who else is excited about watching Captain Marvel or Avengers? ME TOO! To curb the anticipation, we’ve made our own Avengers DIY craft! There are blockbuster superhero action

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Books about Elephants with Dumbo DIY Craft

Top 3 Children’s Books about Elephants

Dumbo, the live action Disney movie is airing soon and I’m so excited about this remake that I’ve created a list of books about elephants! I remember watching this 1941 cartoon on VHS tape as a child and tearing as

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PositiveLeePeilin Books about Pigs

Top 3 Children’s Books about Pigs

My Top 3 Favourite Children’s Books about Pigs Happy Chinese New Year, peeps! This year’s new year is extra special as it’s the year of my zodiac animal, the pig! I’ve rounded up some of the best children’s picture books

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Studio DIY Reading Toddler Cropped

5 Ways to Raise a Child Reader

How do I encourage my child to love reading? How do I raise a child reader? An anxious parent shared that the main reason why she wants her child to start reading from young is because our education system revolves

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