Popular DIY Crafts to Accompany Your Storytelling

Love reading and making with your child? We’ve created a collection of simple DIY crafts for you to make with your child as an accompaniment. From forest animals to fantastical creatures to characters that spark imagination, I’m sure there’s a theme and DIY craft for you!

Free printables for you to download on selected DIY crafts!

Made any of these DIY crafts with your child?  Tag me with #PositiveLeePeilinDIY if you create these, or leave a comment at @PositiveLeePeilin on Facebook or Instagram.  I’d love to see!
Are there any themes you would like me to review? Email me at postiveleepeilin@gmail.com.

Looking for a story to read to your child?
I’ve categorised my favourite books into a book list by themes and topics, so you can easily find a picture book to read to your child today!

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